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There are three key elements to developing software that works. Business understanding. User focus. In-depth experience.
Luckily for you, Philo encompass all three.

Custom built software is a great way to structure and streamline tasks specific to your business and your market. Before we even begin the process, we undertake an onsite business analysis to pin down your needs and develop a plan.

With all of our software development we provide a uniform platform to report in your business and its data. We build in a manner that allows for growth, so you never have to worry about outgrowing your software.

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How we achieve this:

  • Web First
  • Cloud oriented software for easy, on-demand access.
  • Business automation for streamlined processes and services.
  • Silo Integration to eliminate data silos to increase scalability and efficiency
  • Database management systems for information storage.
  • Lean Agile Methodology for rapid, more sustainable software development.
  • App Development for android and IOS systems.
  • Web app development for applications that can be accessed through network instead of downloaded.
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