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Is the software you built working? If you’re not sure whether your software is secure, scalable or meeting the needs of your business, we can help.

The last thing you want is to have spent time and money on a software system that isn’t quite right. That’s where we come in. Using out deep understanding of scalable software systems, we can analyse if software is fit for purpose.

This includes reviewing your software, establishing a formal process for making sure your system stays secure, and highlighting where technology can be improved or is lacking. Then you can be sure you are building your business on a stable platform.

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How we achieve this:

  • Functional Attestation which ensures the software works as it’s designed to.
  • Security Review Management to manage sensitive data and limit possibility of security breach.
  • Organisational IT Architectural Review to ensure your project structure is setup to meet your business objectives.
  • Migration Planning and Strategy development, to move data from one system to another without any disruption for your business.
  • Business Continuity Planning. This creates systems for both prevention and recovery so your business can operate as normal.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning, so you’re prepared for the worst case scenario should it ever happen.
  • Data Protection and GDPR Guidance to make sure your business is compliant and up to date with data regulations.
  • Operational Process Review. This ensures critics business processes are not only protected by software but also formalised in employee workflows.
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