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Leveraging your Motorola network to enhance it with cloud functionality. From Man down reporting, environmental monitoring, or radio management.

Radio networks have a huge amount of unleveraged power, we have built direct integrations with Repeaters for man down reporting or locking and unlocking of radios via TRBOnet for Auckland International Airport

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How we achieve this:

Depending if you have your own Moto network or you use one of the many networks up and down the country, we can design a solution to suit your needs. We have built solutions for CSE Genesis which run in Auckland International Airport and have built direct integrations to run on critical infrastructure provider's networks.

Our software development service for Motorola Radio Networks centers around building robust solutions that function effectively within the network environment. Whether clients you opt for a integration via TRBONet or require direct Repeater interfacing, our team is equipped to deliver reliable and customized software solutions to meet their needs.

Integrations Types


If you run TRBONet we can connect to your TRBONet instance remotely and execute commands on the radio network. This can be to send messages to lone workers, pull location and environmental information.

Repeater Direct

We have built direct integrations into Motorola Radio Networks using the MNIS Data Gateway connected directly to the repeater. This gives us the greatest flexibility to perform actions and issue commands to radios.


Radio Control

Have you thought about who is using radios and how they are allocated? We built NetID for CSE Genesis which can lock and unlock radios from terminals using staff members ID badges. It has been running since 2019 at Auckland International Airport

Lone Worker Monitoring

Our partnership with Get Home Safe allows us to support Motorola Network Lone Worker Monitoring. Check out how we implemented this on our portfolio piece.

Remote Sensor Monitoring

By setting up Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices and a radio, we can monitor remote sensors out of reach of cellular or wired networks. This can be a pump house down the back of a farm, remote river height sensors; if there is radio network we can can receive the data.

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