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We don't just build software for the web, we prototype devices with our partners or utilise specialised hardware to implement your solution.

We have assembled hardware and written the software to utilise RFID scanners, NFC Scanners, BLE Devices, Radios, Raspberry Pi, MQTT Relays, etc.
Desiging and printing our own parts with our in house 3D printers. Taking your ideas from concept, to design, prototyping it for production.

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How we achieve this:

Top to Bottom Development

We have experience working with or delivering every part of the technology stack. We thrive in solving the hard problems, and increasingly these days that requires a comprehensive understanding of the full solution. We don't limit our solutions to software only, we see a project via all of it's constituent parts.
So when we solve a problem we will identify the hardware components, scope what off the shelf solutions will work for you. If you require hardware we can prototype it and pass it over to a partner of ours to build, gain electrical compliance and manufacture.

Hardware We Have Worked With

We aren't limited to what we can work with, but here are some examples:

Bluetooth Low Energy Devices (BLE), BLE Gateways, RFID, NFC, Moto Radios, Moto Repeaters, 3D Printers, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Axis IP Camera, Dahua IP Camera, Shelly Relays, Teltonika RUT, Shelly MQTT Relays...

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