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We’re ready to help bring your business forward in to the digital world. Our extensive technical knowledge is your gain.

Having a hard time understanding all the technological terms thrown at you by other software companies? Philo are happy to be the go-between and ensure your requirements are understood and met. Often jargon can be used as an excuse for issues. If this is the case we can push back on your behalf, we’re not shy.

We also offer consulting to recommend and answer any queries around the latest technologies, saving you time and brain space.

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How we achieve this:

  • Understand your business IT requirements and translating these into tech-free terms.
  • Planning and advice regarding where you can utilise software to streamline your business processes.
  • Manage tendering for a software project so that you don’t have to worry about who is the best fit to serve your software needs.
  • Conflict resolution for failed software builds, taking the stress of your hands and ensuring you get the result you asked for.
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