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This project was oceans apart from any other job Philo had been involved with. Voodoo create luxurious yachts worthy of A-list celebrities. As well as looking beautiful, these boats are designed to go the distance which is a key selling point. Philo was enlisted to help communicate this in a clear and accurate way.


February 2020

Technologies Utilised


To show the distance Voodoo yachts can travel, Philo created an interactive map. By clicking on the various locations throughout the world, users can see a surrounding radius. The radius isn’t perfectly circle however as there are many things to consider when travelling by sea. Philo’s challenge was to configure these distances as accurately as possible while making it fully navigational. Furthermore, Philo needed to juggle many moving parts as the scope continuously evolved and new requirements were added. Staying flexible and finding adaptable solutions was the key to the success of this unique project.


The map is user friendly, accurate, and demonstrates a sleek, high-end design. The interactive map was created using a fully interactive SVG scalable vector graphic, allowing the map and dimensions to stay clear and correct, even when zooming in. The page is hosted on Wordpress and the software used is Vue.js. Overall Philo was very happy with the outcome of this project which will work even harder to promote Voodoo and their outstanding yachts.

Design and Project Management by Devcich & Co

Spacing Dash

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Spacing Dash

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