Bigfoot Benefits & Payback Calculator

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A complex benefits calculator which combines many inputs to determine the value added to the customer


July 2019

Technologies Utilised

A project in collaboration with Webbros for Devcich and Co and their client Bigfoot CTI.

Looking to outline how the Bigfoot Central Tyre Inflation System benefits truck drivers, Bigfoot looked to develop a calculator which reveals these benefits to its potential customers. Taking a range of inputs, the calculator automatically determines the expected costs and savings a typical truck owner can expect, and display this back in a simple to understand graphic.

Working from an Excel specification, this gave Webbros and Philo Software free reign to develop the concept and present back to Devcich. Building a proof of concept which broke the complexity into parts, Devcich were able engage early and convey Bigfoot's business case.
Post proof of concept, Devcich provided a full mockup including branding which was applied to the calculator to meet their high standard.

Building upon leading edge technologies, we have left plenty of room to develop this concept into a complete lead generation funnel. Full integration with Google Analytics, users progression is tracked and followed to understand how they use it. When the time comes, Bigfoot will have plenty of data to understand how and when this calculator is utilised.

Check out the calculator at

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