The Fuel Project

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The latest technology utilised to bring the best of the webs offering into the palms of every day motorists. This Progressive Web App offers full functionality of an app, but availability across all device platforms.


April 2019

Technologies Utilised

This Progressive Web App (PWA) was built from the ground up using the latest web technologies to get in the palms of every NZ motorist.


Design and build an app to remedy a fuel industry that’s having difficulty advertising it’s retail prices and empower motorists with information. 


A Progressive Web App was designed and built by Philo to lower development costs and offer a cross platform future proof solution. It features an extensive integration with Google Maps to offer an intuitive and familiar look and feel while overlaying the necessary information.
Vue.js made development and iterations on the user experience a breeze and limited the development effort in perfecting the experience for the client.

It sits upon a Kubernetes backend to offer increased up-time and resiliency while reducing the overhead of keeping the system up.

"When it comes to innovative software development Philo is the real deal. Morgan’s style of software development puts a great emphasis on breaking down a project into its fundamental components and building upwards from there. The Fuel Project hasn’t been without its fair share of challenges during the build process but Morgan has always focused on tackling problems head on rather than finding ways to skirt around them as I’ve found with some developers. As the project progressed Morgan has always been quick to suggest improvements on what we’d originally planned and this has led to a product far superior to what was originally devised. I can’t thank Morgan enough for his dedication to our vision and I look forwards to working with him again on future projects." - Bradley Esam, Director, Inevitable Enterprises

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